Urdaibai Stories

The Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve is committed to a tourism model that is based on the philosophy of ecotourism. Therefore, Urdaibai is aimed at people who do not hesitate to appreciate ant respect the natural ant cultural environment of the inhabitants of the territory they visit.

In line with this ecotourism commitment, we have prepared a story that will allow you to connect with our territory. Do you want to live some of the stories that have marked who we are?

Before embarking on this trip, we present you the five scenarios of Urdaibai Basque Reserve: Marshes, The Sea, Mountains, Villages y Heritage. In each place you will find the stories that will allow you to enjoy the Urdaibai that we want to show.

Pay attention to the geographical keys of the story; rely on the tourist references that we include; and incorporate Basque words that we suggest. In this way, your passage through the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve will leave you and leave us an unforgettable mark.

Bring out the ecotourist inside you!

Where do you want to start?

This destination is for you, who asks, talks and learns. Because sharing is essential for you.